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Single Review: John Rich - Another You

17 December 2008 11 Comments

John RichFor an acclaimed songwriter who has written number one hits for various artists his latest single entitled “Another You” sounds like it was written and performed by a beginning songwriter in Nashville. The actual lyrics of the song are not terrible but it is the fact that solo John Rich cannot seem to pull off the emotion and range needed to express what is actually going on in the song. John is known for a simple style of songwriting but the fact that the people who he writes for know how to then put emotion and their vocal abilities behind it to make it a hit. I hate to say it but Rich without Big Kenny just doesn’t have the same effect. I have to admit I am not a huge fan of Big & Rich but John by himself just isn’t cutting it.

The song “Another You” is pretty much what you would think it is, the song is about him not being able to find another girl like that one that has left him. This album will be John Rich’s second solo album after recording an album not long after he left his former band Lonestar in 99. His first solo album, Underneath the Same Moon, was released in 2005 with less than stellar sales. His upcoming solo album on which this single is on is entitled Son of a Preacher Man which will also be released on BNA Records. If “Another You” is setting the tone for the album then I don’t think this album will be anything worth checking out.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

Many people have come across this review looking for another song by John Rich called “Shutting Detroit Down“.  You can go to the article showing an interview with John Rich as well as him performing the song by clicking the link of the song above.


  • glory2001 said:

    I love this song, and I think you are wrong, it is an awesome song, but because you do not like Big and Rich or JOhn Rich, you will not like any song he writes.

  • Editor (author) said:

    I am actually a big fan of John Rich’s songwriting I just think this song has something missing in it and don’t know exactly what. It is slightly boring to me and just never really catches me. It sounds like a songwriters demo more than an artists single.

  • tnjrfan said:

    When I first heard the song, I really, really liked it. The lyrics hit me on a personal level and I thought the vocal work was spot-on for the tone of the song. What I did find missing - or at least different - was the “production” of the song. This is a much less “layered” sound than the Big & Rich albums, particularly their last album. However, this sound works for this song because it is a song sung from perspective of regretful realization that one can never capture the same intensity of a first love. That type of song merits this type of sound.

  • Editor (author) said:

    I agree I think the layering of the song on the production side wasn’t great and I think due to the lackluster production it hurt the message of the song.

  • Vicki said:

    I’m sorry but the lyrics of this song sound like it was written by a 3rd grader and sung by a 5th grader. His songs have always been real shallow but there was usually some redeeming quality in the music. This one hurts.

  • Jennifer said:

    I have to say I absolutely love the song. And here in Michigan only, as of today, he just let our local radio station release another new single of his called “Shutting Detroit Down” and that song is unbelievable as well.

  • Jim said:

    What a Great Song. I normally do not listen to Country Music but my daughter told me about this song. If you live in Detroit you know that he is telling the truth. We have the highest unemployment in the country and our rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. It is really bad here and I hope the rest of the country does not follow our footprints. Thanks for telling the truth John.

  • Dana said:

    Shuttin’ Detroit Down may not have the same impact on you unless you’re from the Detroit area. I don’t know how he could have written a better song, unless he added another verse referring to the extremely high number of forclosures and the families with no where to go “in the real world”

  • Editor (author) said:

    We just made a post with a video of John singing Shutting Detroit Down. You can search for it at the top or it may still be on the front page.

  • DeAnna said:

    I think that you’re an idiot who doesn’t really know what the hell is going on in the world…John Rich is an excellent singer and songwriter. Who cares if you don’t like it…all you listen for is the tone and the music you don’t actually listen to the words that are being sung. While the bankers and the high up morons that run this country are getting the money to save themselves here in the REAL world everything else is getting taken away from us. Farmers have to sell off their land just to survive and take care of their families. Wake up moron and actually LISTEN to the WORDS of the song!

  • Editor (author) said:

    Actually DeAnna the song that was reviewed on this page has nothing to do with the song you are referring to. John Rich’s song “Shutting Detroit Down” was covered in another story. I think a lot of people are coming to this page from google keywords for that song and mistaking this for that review. I am going to edit and put a link to John Rich’s other song so people can go and listen to it there. I am all for the common man here so don’t get that twisted. I don’t think any person or company that covers country music could be for anything but that.

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